Art Pearl

Art Pearl is spherical cross linked fine particle polymers.As an organic fillerUrethane type used in the area which requires excellent flexibility,toughness,low temperature stability and scratch resistance and (meth) acrylate type is used for the application which reguires excellent weather resistence.Also pigmented types are available.

Cross Linked Acrylic Beads

PRODUCT Color Average Practice Size Degree of Cross-linking Refractive Index
GR-200T White 32 middle 1.49
GR-300T White 22 middle 1.49
GR-400T White 15 middle 1.49
GR-600T White 10 middle 1.49
GR-800T White 6 middle 1.49
GR-200BK Black 32 middle
GR-200WA White 32 middle
GR-300BK Black 22 middle
GR-400BK Black 15 middle
GR-400WA White 15 middle
GR-800BK Black 6 middle
SE-090T White 110 middle 1.49
SE-050T White 46 middle 1.49
SE-020T White 19 middle 1.49
SE-010T White 10 middle 1.49
SE-006T White 6 middle 1.49
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